Leadership Thunderbolts – Fear and Fire What frightens you?

Leadership Thunderbolts – Fear and Fire What frightens you?

Fear and Fire

What frightens you? Could it be something small like a spider or a snake? Or could it be something grand like debt or death? Much like the usual vein through which our individuality stems from, we, each, have our own fears and terrors– that is, influenced by the experiences we have gathered while trekking through this world. However, did you know that we have fears inherent within us, fears we, all, share? Indeed, there are two innate fears every human being is born with: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. That said, we think that fear only results in trauma, stress, and, even, paralysis. But, focusing on the latter, this is not always the case.

We theorized that millions of years ago, fire was a result of this fear. Lightning struck a forest– thunder struck our ears and our hearts– and fire came bursting forth in all its glory and wonder. From that point forward, we would begin to learn, evolve, develop, and progress as a species. From fire we would learn how to cook, how to smith, and how to survive. From our fear came furtherance.

Greetings, all! I am Joy Maitland, executive coach, here to discuss the concept of Leadership Thunderbolts or the dramatic events that mold the way we live– the way we lead.

Thunderbolt Beginnings

Much like fear, there is a vast array of triggers that spark leadership and ingenuity within us but more often than not, these very same triggers manifest through negative occurrences in our lives. May it be loss, dread, or rage, challenges are an inevitable slice of life; it is an element we cannot control. No matter what we do, failure will come and encounter us. We will fail to seize on our chances and opportunities; we will fail to maximize our capacities and capabilities; we will fail to witness the best that we could be. We will fail. However, it is through this failure– this contemporary fear– that we will understand redemption, where nothing is set in stone just yet.

Leadership Thunderbolts

This is where we understand the vital role of Leadership Thunderbolts. As was thunder and lightning to our ancestors, errors and mistakes are to us. It was only by going through taxing circumstances that change and improvements could be made and, in our context, this change primarily results in our change of leadership strategies and techniques. We understand that we are more than just persons– we are leaders. And so, the wisdom we acquire from negative experiences is not only limited to general developments but particular advancements, as well, specifically, with the way we communicate and coordinate with our subordinates and associates. Ultimately, this leads to the betterment of the groups we manage and the people those groups encapsulate.

The Light from Leadership Thunderbolts

If Neanderthals struck a new age with the discovery of fire, we, as trailblazers of our respective fields, create new avenues for success and productivity through effective leadership and management. Although the odds were against us before, we have now spearheaded ventures with which we can renew ourselves and those we handle. We emerge better, stronger, and smarter as we have been tested by the flames and trials of fear and failure. As such, Leadership Thunderbolts are forgers of innovators that are equipped with armors of vigor and fervor. As dramatic events have disputed their skills and abilities, they have survived and, now, thrive in a much-fortified persona.


Overall, it is important to remember that it was by sheer wrath of the thunderous sound and the lightning flash that we reaped the value of becoming better people– better leaders. Leader Thunderbolts, although dramatic and trying they may be, pushes us to become the best version of ourselves. By recognizing the inevitability of fear through failure, we learn that our knowledge can expand and so does our wisdom and strength. And so, we apply such notions as we drive others towards the betterment of themselves, as well. Essentially, it is by the thunderbolt that we become frightened but furthered, and through furtherance, we become frontrunners.