Lumina Emotion

Lumina Emotion

Industry leaders now see emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 competencies needed to succeed.  Lumina Emotion focuses on our agility in understanding, adapting and managing our emotions day to day in order to guide effective thinking and meaningful behaviour.

Your portrait is a comprehensive measure of your emotions, feelings and behaviours, and how these relate to one another. It takes a ‘whole person’ view by bringing together personality, emotional intelligence and key emotional influences known as ‘Emotional Reactors’. Emotional Agility uncovers the relationship between our inner feelings and emotions and actual behaviours in an everyday context.

Benefits of using Lumina Emotion

  • Noticing and understanding your emotions
  • Adapting your behaviour and responding appropriately
  • Understanding the value of different emotional responses
  • Channelling your behaviour towards goals and values

How Lumina Emotion is different

Refutes the traditional and somewhat polarised view that our ‘Personality’ is something which we cannot change, whereas our ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is a learn-able skill unrelated to personality. Suggests that there is a strong overlap between the constructs measured in traditional ‘Emotional Intelligence’ tests and traditional ‘Personality Trait’ tests

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