Joy Maitland recognised as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the King’s Birthday Honours 2024

Joy Maitland recognised as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the King’s Birthday Honours 2024

We are thrilled to celebrate Joy Maitland’s remarkable achievements and her recognition as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the King’s Birthday Honours 2024 for her outstanding services to business and charity. This accolade is a testament to Joy’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on individuals and communities, embodying her motto, ‘Be the difference that makes the difference.’

Career and Leadership Development
Joy’s career is a tapestry of dedication to personal and professional development. Her journey began in senior leadership roles where she recognised the untapped potential of junior staff, creating leadership development programmes that have since become a hallmark of her approach. Joy’s natural empathy and ability to connect with others have been instrumental in nurturing talent and encouraging growth.

Transformative Programmes and Initiatives
During her tenure as Board Member and Head of Leadership Development at the Amos Bursary, Joy’s innovative four-and-a-half-year programme helped to transform the lives of young people of African and Caribbean heritage, breaking down barriers and instilling confidence. From working with Imperial College London to launch an annual summer residential programme titled ‘Beyond Outstanding’ to orchestrating international work experiences in New York, Joy’s initiatives have broadened horizons and unlocked opportunities for countless students. Her significant contribution to the Bursary’s early success earned her the title “keeper of the brand” from its founder, Colleen Amos.

Influence Across Organisations
Joy’s influence extends to numerous organisations. As Vice Chair of the Ekaya Housing Association, she worked with staff and other board members to champion affordable housing and community development. Her contributions to the Institute of Leadership, where she became the first black trustee in its 70-year history, and currently as Vice Chair at Plane Saver Credit Union—a leading financial cooperative whose philosophy is ‘People Helping People’—underscore her commitment to financial wellbeing and ethical practices. By assisting Code Your Future in launching their mentoring programme and supporting the leadership team as a volunteer, Joy is proud to have contributed to the charity’s mission of transforming lives through technology education.

Inemmo’s Impact
One of Joy’s proudest contributions is the Diploma Programme her company, inemmo, runs on behalf of the Cayman Islands government. This initiative aims to empower citizens to rise to the top of government and industry, reflecting Joy’s belief in the importance of nurturing local talent and leadership.

The multi-award-winning Inemmo, established by Joy in 2005 and an acronym for INspire, EMpower, and MOtivate, aims to be a catalyst for transformative leadership. The company is dedicated to empowering leaders with the skills, mindset, and courage to drive meaningful change and create a lasting impact. Since 2016, Inemmo has partnered with Lumina Learning to bring progressive professional employee recruitment and development tools to businesses in East and West Africa, significantly enhancing their talent acquisition and growth strategies.

Author and Advocate
In addition to her practical contributions to leadership, Joy is also an accomplished author. Her book, From Alpha to Zen: Leadership for a Brave New World, offers insightful guidance on cultivating effective leadership qualities. It provides readers with a roadmap to develop the skills and mindset necessary for driving meaningful change and creating a lasting impact in today’s dynamic business environment.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of Joy’s philosophy. She tirelessly advocates for equitable representation, knowing that true creativity and innovation stem from diverse perspectives. Yet, she acknowledges the significant work still needed to achieve this vision, particularly in addressing systemic racism and ensuring minority representation in leadership.

Focus on Startups and Young Leaders
While Inemmo collaborates with many notable companies, it is the work with startups and young leaders that particularly motivates Joy. She is honoured and proud of these efforts, knowing they ensure not only growth but sustainability. Joy coaches leaders to ride the waves of adversity, build resilience, and take time to appreciate and celebrate their own unique gifts.

A Collective Honour
Joy’s receipt of an MBE is not just an individual honour but a collective celebration of all those she has inspired and uplifted. It is a call to continue her mission of cultivating self-aware, collaborative leadership and creating environments where everyone can thrive.

Legacy of Empowerment
Joy Maitland’s legacy is one of empowerment, resilience, and unwavering service to others. Her work, both in the UK and internationally, and through powerful initiatives like her virtual ‘Leading in Lockdown’ seminars during the pandemic, exemplifies her boundless dedication.

We congratulate Joy Maitland MBE on this well-deserved honour and look forward to her continued contributions to making the world a better place. Joy, your passion and perseverance inspire us all to ‘Be the difference that makes the difference.’