Lumina Team

Lumina Team

The key to creating a high performing team lies in really understanding each other’s personality, motivation and preferred communication style. Understanding deeper values and preferences fosters the respect necessary for people to work effectively together.

Lumina Team will help your team build better working relationships and promote effective communication between team members. Every individual within a team has a personal identity, yet the group often takes on a personality of its own. Lumina Team will offer you insights into ways to get your message across, so that it will be better received by the group and ultimately result in effective outcomes.

Benefits of using Lumina Team

  • Communicate effectively within your team
  • Know what to do when a team is not performing
  • Value diversity and different styles of working
  • Create high-performing teams

Lumina Team provides solutions to make the most of your team’s strengths. By gaining a new perspective, teams can overcome old communication barriers and resolve hidden issues.

Self-aware team players:

  • Speed read colleagues more effectively
  • Build rapport more quickly
  • Inspire team members to take full ownership for achieving the team mission and goals
  • Create high performing teams

Contact Info

(Registered Office) 207 Regent Street, London England (UK), W1B 3HH

0800 689 9110