The 5-Day Professional Certificate in

Value-Driven Leadership

Join us in Dubai, UAE,  Mon. 11th – Fri. 15th March 2024

The inemmo 5-Day Professional Certificate in Value-Driven Leadership

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  • Connect

More effective communication; engaging and promoting a common understanding of mission vision, and strategy.

  • Equip

Improve your ability to provide strategic insights and more effective analysis of key business challenges.

  • Transform

Develop a personal leadership philosophy and presence that reflect greater confidence and capabilities.

  • Implement

Develop an action plan to respond to your strategic and leadership challenges

  • Win-win

Ensure a culture of integrity, inclusion, and innovation to optimise growth and improve the financial performance of the organisation.

The inemmo 5-Day Professional Certificate in Value-Driven Leadership

Download a Full Course Brochure

Secure your place today! – Register Now for Earlybird Discounts

Are you a C-Suite Executive, Senior Manager, Head of Division, or Non-Executive Board Director? Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business landscape, senior leaders like you need to stand out from the crowd. That’s why inemmo has developed a comprehensive executive leadership programme tailored specifically to your needs.

Our programme is designed to equip you with the tools and strategies that set exceptional leaders apart. As a senior leader within your organisation, you face challenges that demand a unique set of skills and competencies. The inemmo Professional Certificate in Value Driven Leadership will empower you to overcome complex leadership and management challenges, enabling you to guide your organisation towards long-term success. Connect with a powerful network of like-minded senior leaders who share your passion for excellence. Build relationships that extend beyond the program and tap into a wealth of knowledge and support

Why choose the inemmo Executive Leadership Program?

Because innovative companies understand that visionary leaders are essential for building and maintaining a competitive advantage. In these times of economic uncertainty, navigating the ever-changing business environment is critical. Our programme is carefully crafted and combines the latest leadership theories with practical insights and real-world case studies. You will gain knowledge from influential thinkers who have assisted numerous leaders in effectively navigating the obstacles you encounter day-to-day.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your leadership journey. Join the ranks of successful executives who have benefited from the inemmo Professional Certificate in Value Driven Leadership. Be the leader your organisation needs, and secure your organisation’s long-term success.

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Topics contained within your Lumina Spark Portrait include:

  • Your instinctive way of being
  • How you behave day-to-day
  • How you behave under pressure
  • Recognising your Psychological Opposite
  • Working with your Opposite
  • Your Communication Preferences
  • Building and leading High Performing Teams

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