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Meet Dr Juan Lopez-Villarejo

Juan Lopez-Villarejo, PhD. in theoretical physics by Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, has over 8 years of professional experience in research and problem-solving in different fields, including space science, matter science, economic systems, environmental awareness and, lately, business. As a physicist, he is used to handle problems that fall outside his area of expertise by resorting to modelling, simplification and critical & creative thinking.

He believes that his role is to act as a facilitator, listening to business professionals on their own terms and applying his methodology to their business context.

Dr. Lopez-Villarejo has worked at the CERN (Geneva) and CEA-Saclay (Paris) laboratories in theoretical high-energy physics. He was a strategist for Katerva.net, awarding the «Nobel of Sustainability» (2011-13). He has followed master courses at the Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID) on Game Theory and Natural Resource Economics. Juan is a qualified high-school teacher in Switzerland and Spain. He obtained the Spanish National Prize in Physics in 2005 and a honorable mention for his PhD thesis in 2010.